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Harry The Skull's Virtual Diary

The life and times of a skull

26 January 1980
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Hello, I'm a skull, on a stick, among other things.

Downloads of me songs on http://stage.vitaminic.com/main/the_master_bluesman/all_tracks/
5th avenue, affleck's palace, alan lomax, alcohol, alyson hannigan, arthur dent, astronomy, astrophysics, avril lavigne, babelfish, beach boys, beer, big hands, blind lemon jefferson, blind willie mctell, blondie, blues, bob dylan, box of delights, brentwood, brian wilson, bruce springsteen, call of duty, charley patton, cheese, chelmsford, chicago blues, chronicles of narnia, computers, cycling, dark angel, delta blues, didsbury, dna, douglas adams, drawing, dreams, druid, druidism, duke nukem, earth, emma watson, essex, everly brothers, everton fc, everything, fab cafe, fallowfield, falsifying statistics, football, ford prefect, frank is dead, freedom, furry lewis, gigging, gigs, ginny weasley, goddess, gossip, guitars, h2g2, hating edexcel, hating george bush, hating george galloway, hats, heroes, hhgttg, hugs, israel, jillys, junior wells, keele services, kirsty maccoll, languages, lead belly, leadbelly, liberal, life, life universe everything, lyon, manchester, marxism, monty python, moose test, music, narcissus, night & day cafe, northern quarter, pagan, paganism, paranormal, parties, physics, pink fluffy cloud machine, pizza, playing the guitar badly, politics, porn, procrastination, ps2, pubs, ray charles, red dwarf, retro bar, rock, rockworld, rocky horror, rugby, rugby union, sex, simpsons, singing, skull, sleeping next to someone, smiling, son house, south park, south woodham ferrers, spinal tap, springsteen, star & garter, star trek, stevie ray vaughn, tarana, tarot, technopagan, technopaganism, the beiderbecke affair, the curry mile, the kinks, the master bluesman, the muppets, the rocky horror show, the simpsons, the warriors, the west wing, ulc, umist, universal life church, universe, wallace and gromit, web design, wicca, withington, women, wowbagger, writing, zeropretties